Why are Volunteers Important?

Our volunteers are the heart and soul of our program.  Without them we could not provide services to our guest families.  Volunteers do simple but immeasurably significant things.  They talk to the guests...and listen. They can be the source of hope.

Become a Volunteer
Consider becoming a volunteer in our network. You will help homeless families by:

∗ preparing food;

∗ hosting guest families at our host sites in the evenings or overnight;

∗ playing with children and helping with homework;

∗ teaching life skills like parenting, home management, budgeting and nutrition;

∗ becoming a volunteer coordinator;

∗ helping with clerical and administrative jobs at the IHN office;

∗ becoming a mentor to our families;

∗ joining our Board of Trustees; or bringing your unique personal skills to help our families in other ways.

Volunteer Coordinators
Our congregation coordinators manage all the activities at a host congregation that are needed to provide shelter and meals to homeless families.  A coordinator's duties include:

∗ maintaining a list of volunteers and assigning schedules;

∗ recruiting volunteers;

∗ communicating with the congregation about host weeks and other requests for help from volunteers;

∗ attending regular IHN coordinator meetings;

∗ communicating regularly with support congregations;

∗ ensuring that the IHN program minimizes the wear and tear on church property, and that general janitorial duties are completed for the space used.