Who does IHN serve?
Our facilities are limited to 14 people and were designed for families with children. We define family broadly: a minimum of 1 parent or guardian with a child under the age of 18.

What families qualify for IHN’s services?
IHN screens families before they enter the program.  Generally, to receive IHN’s services, a family must have: 1) a child or children; 2) the use of a vehicle; 3) a job or work history; 4) no current issue with drugs or alcohol; and 5) no untreated mental illness.

How does a family apply to IHN for temporary shelter?
The best way is to be referred. IHN is well known throughout the Ocean County community. Referrals come from many different sources: social service agencies; other faith-based agencies; private individuals; schools; police; etc. You can also call our office to request an intake interview. We are not equipped to accept “walk-ins.”

How does the referral process work?
First call the network to see if there is space available. We do not operate with a waiting list because of the uncertainty of our guests finding affordable housing. IHN staff must speak directly with the head of the family. An interview is then scheduled. The interview process can take approximately 3 hours to complete.

How long do families stay in the program?
Network guidelines recommend stays of approximately 90 days. However, the needs of families vary and the time needed to prepare for and get permanent housing is different for each family. Families stay an average of 95 days. The shortest stay has been 3 days and the longest 6 months. All extensions are at the discretion of the network director.

IHN Day Center

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